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Vulnerability in Suffering

All of us have unique responses to the hard parts of life. Personally, when I’m faced with pain and suffering I often try to find a way to recalibrate the tough stuff through rose-colored lenses, searching for a positive spin, or sometimes downright denying it.

Do you remember the Disney movie Inside Out? When I first watched that movie I found myself legitimately annoyed at the Sad character. She just brought everything down and no matter what couldn’t seem to see the bright side of things. Imagine my surprise when at the end of the movie (spoiler alert) as the audience we realize that when Joy and Sad come together – along with the rest of the spectrum of emotions – it paints a more complete, dynamic and colorful view of life. Each one has their purpose.

But in real-time, real life it is hard to know how to hold suffering. How to see that joy and pain can (and do) coexist.

This last year, my friend Hannah DeVries faced breast cancer in the most honest and hope-filled way I know. This episode highlights Hannah’s story. The way she wraps words around what she experienced by being vulnerable in her suffering with her family, friends, and the Lord is stunning. In this conversation, Hannah DeVries walks us step-by-step through her journey and gives a glimpse into the thoughts, lessons and experiences she has had along the way.

Somehow in a circumstance fit for much sadness, Hannah makes healthy space for that raw emotion – holding onto hope – AND maintaining joy. Prepare to be both majorly challenged and inspired!


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