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Navigating Comparison and Competition

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

One of the highlights growing up for me was being a part of a competitive cheerleading team – shout out Newnan Southern Stars. I absolutely loved my teammates, coaches, the physical challenge, skills and routines, and I especially loved competition day.

Even over the years with my little sister, Lindsey, or going on adventures with my dad, I’ve always taken to the sense of competition and how it can drive me to do better than I thought I initially could.

However, the older I have gotten the messier this concept of comparison has morphed.

Especially when it comes to something we are excited to create, launch, or promote it is easy (and sometimes seamless) how we can slip into a competitive or comparative mindset with others.

So earlier this summer when I received a text from my friend Elise Griffin about the podcast she was launching (Bright with Elise) I was 90% SO EXCITED and – to be fully transparent –10% uncertain. Will we ask the same people to come on as guests? Will our podcasts look the same? Will they sound the same?

In this episode, Elise and I open the door to what walking through that process together looked like and what alternatives we have to step into encouragement instead of competition.

This episode is pure gold. I can’t wait for you to listen.

Listen to my conversation with Elise Griffin here.

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