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The Propel Women + Wheaton Episode

In October 2016, myself and a few friends drove from Columbus, Georgia to the Propel Women Activate Conference in Jackson, Mississippi. I remember walking into the arena that Saturday morning where Kari Jobe had already started leading worship.

There was something special about being in that room, in that moment, with those women.

As we found our seats, one by one the speakers came on the stage and the theme of the day seemed to be that it is through pressing that anointing comes. I specifically remember the one and only Christine Caine preaching a phenomenal message from Philippians about this exact concept. Tears just poured out as I listened – and to this day I still don’t know what exactly it was that struck such a nerve deep in my soul.

The conference wrapped, we headed home, and like any good event team (I’m looking at you Propel Women Marketing) I fell into the drip email campaign. As I started receiving weekly Propel Women emails, I noticed a footer at the end of one specifically inviting women to apply for a brand new partnership master’s program with Propel Women + Wheaton College.

I stumbled through the application process and in May 2017, sitting at a dinner with friends from work, I found out that I had been accepted into the very first cohort starting that summer.

The story only gets better from there.

The Propel Women + Wheaton College program has been one of the greatest privileges of my life to-date. In this episode, with two brilliant friends of mine from the cohort, we talk through our experience in the program together. Whether you are interested in continuing your education somehow, curious about the Propel Women + Wheaton Program specifically, or just looking to listen in on a conversation with friends – you’ll enjoy this episode.

By the way, to make this whole story crazier – did I mention I just happened to be in the room in 2015 when Chris Caine launched Propel Women for the first time? AND that four years later (I would have never guessed) I would be moving across the country to California to volunteer for A21 and Propel Women full-time?

If I have learned anything – you know, beyond the literal lessons in evangelism and leadership from all my courses – it is that some of the greatest moments and opportunities in my life I have completely stumbled my way into, beyond what I could have ever imagined or made happen for myself.

Listen to The Propel Women + Wheaton Episode by searching the More with Nikki Dutton podcast on Apple Podcast or Spotify.


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